Hello! It's YOU! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I am an illustrator who also creates, takes photos, faffs, collects, teaches and hosts workshops. Watercolour, doodling, collage, colour, cheese, travel and dreaming make me happy dance. And cushions. And gardening. And op-shops...

Thursday, 7 August 2014



 the nesting instinct
birds nest hair
nestling in

comfort, protection, safe, ensconced, 
all good things

They fall out of trees, I find them, I keep them, I collect them, I treasure them.
So if you find one, feel free to send it to me. By carrier pigeon perhaps? Airmail?

With threads, string, wire, cotton, wool, fluff, twigs, twine.

Litle birds, little engineers, little architects.

Little marvels.

human handmade nest, wire and string 

 acrylic and pencil sketch,detail shot, on old book end paper 2014

 watercolour and pencil drawing 2014

' fat nest', acrylic and pencil sketch on old book cover 2014

 acrylic and pencil sketch,on old book end paper 2014

 watercolour, handcut feathers, and man made nest 

 found nest, with coloured wool and string

 found nest, soft with feathers

nest trio