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Saturday, 6 September 2014

HOME collage HOME

HOME collage HOME

Well, shame shame shame on me.So late.So very,very late.But I promise you,I have not been idle, or just skiving off laying on a sofa...at HOME.

Oh no, I wish. I really do!

truth is, 
No,just like everyone,my life has been super,super busy.In fact, quite a little bit of triaging life's problems,commitments, issues.You know,facing down the tsunami of people who need you to do something, commitments needed to be committed to and done,tasks completed,appointments met,things tended to. 

Which led me to put doing this collage further and further down my list of things to do.Sigh. 

But then,quite appropriately,all this busy busy busy stuff has left me ever mindful of just how much HOME means to me. How central and essential it is to my mental and physical health. How just walking in the door at times, into the safety and craziness of home..is just the best feeling ever. 

Then again...sometimes it feels like walking into yet another battle zone too. A 14 year old hairy teenage boy, a tweenie 11 year old, and a very dramatic 7 year old who share my home with me,well,seem to be taking up a lot of my time and energy. And though these little people are smart, funny, gorgeous and quite lovely really...they do seem unable to clean up after themselves or do anything without a good old nag, or two or three...  

Then there is the hubby,the 2 cats, 2 dogs (puppies) green tree frog and tabby....who also reside here. It is a very full house, a very noisy home.

Home. I love it. I love it. I love it.it is a nice word to say...you can close your mouth around it,a nice soft kinda word.

Home.We fill it with  things,we fill it with music and art and noise and life.We fill it with mess,and chaos,and animals and bits and pieces that we collect along our daily travels.We fill it with love.


So..sorry it is late...but my house is also now filled with little bits of paper, remnants of making this collage. So, I had best go, and clean it up. Before I tend to the next thing on my list...

HOME... collage, August 2014