Hello there you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I am an illustrator who also creates, takes photos, faffs, teaches & hosts workshops. Watercolour, collage, colour, cheese, salads, travel, collecting, & dreaming make me ridiculously happy. And gardening. And op-shops. And art supplies. And the word serendipity. And you reading this. Oh and so you know, all the art & photos you see on here are done by me!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Taking a leap...


Day 1...or...
The procrastination ends...

So, here we are, first BLOG, me tekno-savy Taurean, has joined the world of Bloggers...only with a guiding hand from the even more tekno-savy PIPPIN HOME.
So here we sit, coffee in hand, waiting to take on the world. 
Bring it on MWAHHHAHAHA! 
By the way, until I work out links etc, did you know I am also on Facebook, and Instagram...rare pear. This information for those who think they may like to cyber stalk...I mean, FOLLOW me! 



  1. I'm such a stalker, I already follow you everywhere else!! Welcome to the blogging game, I'll follow you with Bloglovin. Love your header, sounds like me minus the watercolour!! S:)

    1. sally...love that you stalk me!!!!love love love it...'cos i love your stuff too! if you can give me any hints or tips, please do..such a newbie!!! xxx

  2. wow you really are in the 21st century now sweets xx