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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Having been a vegetarian for about 40 years, since I was 3 (you do the math, yes I am that old), it is widely believed by those who know no better, that I must therefore eat lots of mushrooms-these being the plant world equal to meat. That I must love them. And indeed I do. But not to eat. I am highly sensitive...allergic..to them. I dare not let them pass my lips. 

So it is kind of ironic, that lately I have been drawing and painting and falling in love with these fungi. I swoon at the sight of them.

I race to pick them and fold them carefully in tissues, so that I may take them home and photograph them.

I have been buying cute toadstool and mushroom  ornaments, and telling myself they are for my children.

I have no desire at all to eat them... there is nothing like that going on. I have just taken an aesthetic fancy to them.

 SO here you are, some recent snaps, paintings and drawings of my latest love.Mushrooms. A warning though. 

I am not monogamous with my love..there are others I am also infatuated with, but ...shshshshshhh..
do not tell! x

fresh picked

 old book paper sketched painted with watercolour, gouache & acrylic

 old book paper sketched painted with watercolour, gouache & acrylic

 lead pencil sketch

 gouche, watercolour, pencil study
 ink pen quick sketch

 picked in Canberra, photographed in a motel room

 at the local hairdresser, killing time by sketching

at the local skate park, waiting for my daughter to get sick of scootering, a quick ink sketch

another fresh picked victim...or victims

 these two pics show mushrooms growing in situ, before being swooped on by me, and uprooted

 happy to have found a Xmas decoration that ticked my box...toadstools!

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