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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I love you SPRING x


Oh yeah baby! Sunshine, warmth, and blossoms on the trees. Buds erupting on bare branches, grass and weeds shooting and emerging. Buzzy sounds in the garden, birds tweeting. Bring it on, I just love Spring out here in the country. 

Of all seasons, Autumn and Spring are my favourite...and right now with the wisteria about to explode, and its scent waft through the house, the malus blossoms all over the path, the weeping cherries at the front of the house about to take centre stage...well, it is enough to make me forgive the pollen and hay fever that our ornamental grapevine is about to facilitate.

There are bunches of flowers and blossoms all over the house, stuck in vases, usually thrifted.Yep...

 I love,love,love you Spring!

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