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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


As Strong As String

Recently, a very dear friend of mine, Michelle Kindregan, wrote me a note to remind me how strong I was. I was feeling down, anxious and worried. Concerned and overwhelmed by the zillion and one things life seemed to throwing at me, and mainly, about the hard slog of being a parent. It had been a tough week. Then, she wrote me this note, and not only did it make me smile ( I love the way she writes ) but it made me feel just that bit of gumption and belief that I needed to find. I just think that what she wrote is brilliant. Here are her words...

"STRONG-like string. 
Like the string on a present you want to open but can't because of the string....and you can't find the scissors, so you get a knife and use it like a hacksaw, but it still won't budge and you pull it, and your fingers almost bleed because it is so strong it cuts into your skin. 
And you are in agony because you want to open your present but the fucking string is too strong. That's how strong you are."

Isn't that great?
Aren't friends the best? as in.... aren't they TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
Don't you love string?
Are you feeling strong? Like string?

 stringing me along (LOL)

string love

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