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Thursday, 17 March 2016



DEAR SUMMER (and Autumn)just wanted you to know...

I do not handle the heat well, something to do with my low blood pressure, migraines, and my layers of lard perhaps. But this heat has gone on so long, the feeling of being captive to the air conditioner keeps popping into my head. 

The kids have taken to sleeping downstairs with the air con on, the cat and dog have NO ENERGY, the washing is drying within minutes (shame it is then all scratchy), the fishtank needs water replacement every few days because of evaporation, my green tree frog almost died of dehydration a week or two ago, the garden is decidedly tired and our water bill is HUGE.

All of this is first world problems, I know. And you probably don't care too much. And I might sound blythe, but the truth is, I am worried. I am worried that this could be the way it is going to stay, with global warming happening. I am worried that this is a new reality. I am worried that we are going to spend a lot more time hanging out with you. Summer, you are lovely for lots of things, and I do love those big blue skies but...BUT...

Please hurry up Autumn. I want your cool nights and crunchy leaves, your amazing colours on the trees. I want to snuggle with my lovely hubby at night again, wear scarves and stop sweating all the time. I want to sit in my studio without feeling like a dried apricot all husk and no juice. I want some of those grey cool days, with moody skies. And so does the garden.

Come on now, summer sun, go on a holiday, give it a rest. Take a break, you deserve it. Send some rain to have some fun. You can do it, I know you can. 

Yours in waiting, 

Shani xxx

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