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Friday, 28 February 2014


With love in your heart, for Instagram Feb.  2014. watercolour, felt, confetti

Lovehearts. Again. Rainbows. Again. Watercolour. Again. 

This was for another #7vignettes challenge on Instagram, from INTERIORS ADDICT (yes, a link!)  The word prompt was 'heart'. I fell back onto the familiar for this one.Lazy!  

A bit gooey and sweet and sentimental A bit saccharine sweet. Yes, I know...

But, I guess it is true. I guess I am trying to believe t myself. I guess I gotta believe it!
I recently finished a commission that with a rainbow, that was probably the reason i fell into doing this one...see below. But I really liked the sentiment that i was asked to include...

As I sit here in my Flannellette PJ's,listening to my music and the rain outside pattering on the tin  roof of my lovely home, and me all snug in here,in the studio, and down the hall,  my family: safe, happy and healthy...I need to remember this more often.
                                                          version 1, watercolour for Christine 2014

                         version 2, watercolour for christine 2014