Hello! Lovely to see you! Here you will find random posts about living a creative life in country Australia. I am an illustrator. I create, take photos, faff, collect, teach. Watercolour, collage, colour, cheese, travel and dreaming are my faves. And Turkish delight. And cushions. And gardening. And op-shops...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014




See what I fount at my local oppy shoppy the other day?!
Waves of pure nostalgia...boomboxes, cassette decks, taping the top 10 from the radio, walkmans, reels of tape getting twisted and using a pencil to wind them back up again.

Music for pleasure! Indeedy...So when I saw these, sitting unloved on the op shop shelf, of course I HAD to take them home.Memories flooding back, tripping out on how quaint they are, but how ultra hip and modern they used to be.My mind racing with the potential photos and drawings, watercolours, collages they could inspire.And they came in a stand too! 
All this for one dollar. 


 I am a girl easily pleased. Obviously