Hello there you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I am an illustrator who also creates, takes photos, faffs, teaches & hosts workshops. Watercolour, collage, colour, cheese, salads, travel, collecting, & dreaming make me ridiculously happy. And gardening. And op-shops. And art supplies. And the word serendipity. And you reading this. Oh and so you know, all the art & photos you see on here are done by me!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

craft, make, twigs and twine ,painting,photos....YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND

 you spin me right round
I get all fiZzy, spinNy, tumbley-tummied, when I start thinking about... 
other stuff just does not get my juices flowing.Footy, lawn bowls, cooking shows, reality television, ironing, watching the trots, betting, drinking at the pub, etc etc etc...well, I just do not care for them so much.....at all.
So...here I am, in the country, wondering if this is normal? Of course, I know it is, there are lotsa peeples like me out there. 
Just gotta find you all.
I do know some-wonderful creative folk, who when i spend time basking in their wonderfulness,they just fill me with delight and feed my soul.Thank goodness for them.
So..until I gather more of these good creative types around me, like a cloak of magic to shelter me from the ugly realities of life, I will stay in the safe harbour of Instagram, my little studio, my lovely home, wild garden, and dream of all the possibilities...and maybe i will bump into you one of these days.

HA! wrote this quite some time ago..why it is up as now?... a modern mystery to me...Happily, I have been bumping into those creative lovelies, even if only on social media and once or twice perchance in the flesh...x

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