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Friday, 18 October 2013

So very cute, cartoons, advertising, graphics... so GIRLY GIRLY...

One of the things that made the corners of my mouth turn up in Thailand, was the fantastic cutesy graphics on packaging, advertising, toys, TV...

I bought this little plastic fan in a market in Bangkok for about 20 baht, Australian about 75c. Sigh...and not only did it look cute, but it works a treat. I ended up buying a whole stack more...under the guise of buying them for my young daughters(!)

These packets of blackhead removal cream....by SUPER GAL...I WANTED JUST BECAUSE...(i did not but them, hubby eyebrows raised.......)

A frappe in a cool cup...waiting to board a ferry to Koh Chang...(i wanted to keep the cup, settled for a photo of it...)

On a billboard at Dusit Zoo, advertising bike riding (I think?)Perhaps helmets are not compulsory..but fluro pink tulle skirts are?

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