It's YOU! Hello! Nice to see you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I create with watercolour, pen, collage, mixed media and photos. I teach, hosts workshops, collect, dream. I love cheese, travel, my garden, faffing, colour and whimsy. I am crap at time management, and do way too many things, but it is all good. Oh yes, all pictures and photos on here by me too, just saying.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


A little love heart happy...
they seem to pop up in my work, like seen here... all the time.

I see them in shops, and oooh and aaah...and have to use cognitive behaviour techniques to resist their mighty charms.
So simple,yet so meaningful in shape. Naive but emotionally laden.

My all time favourite would be a big red glossy heart...but then, fluro pink is cool too.

Recently discovered mega cool Lovestar...and their range of fluro perspex treasures. OMG...SWOON...