It's YOU! Hello! Nice to see you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I create with watercolour, pen, collage, mixed media and photos. I teach, hosts workshops, collect, dream. I love cheese, travel, my garden, faffing, colour and whimsy. I am crap at time management, and do way too many things, but it is all good. Oh yes, all pictures and photos on here by me too, just saying.

Friday, 22 November 2013

draw gold blue white

                                    LANDSCAPE mixed media drawing, crayon, watercolour pencils, watercolour, gouache     
                                    FEATHER crayon sketch

       ON THE ROAD TO ORANGE, November 2013                                 


"My goodness me, would you look at that..."
is what I often think to myself as I drive along, either in the passenger or drivers' seat. If I am the driver, if there is not too much of a deadline..i will pull over, and snap off a few pics...So easy to do these days with my phone.

So as a result  I am building up a little reservoir, a cache of landscapes to use as inspiration for future work.Drawing, painting, whatever. It may or may not happen, but either way, the temptation to capture those colours, the golds, the blue, the too much.Obviously!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

STORYBOOK TEXT LOVE.... old books...making something else with them

                                                   TEXT LOVE X   2013   old book paper, watercolour paper, red craft paper


Children's books are found gathering dust and smelling like mildew in opshops all over the place. Forgotten, discarded, unloved. So sad. Some of them have divine pictures that I swoon over. Some are mainly text. And true to my hoarding, magpie -like collecting...of course, I collect them. 
I bring them home, and play. Sometimes it is folding, sometimes it is using the illustrations in new ways, drawing on or with them, collaging them, making artworks with mixed media...
But sometimes just touching the old yellowing pulpy paper is enough, and I cut into them, and play some more. 

Sacred books! Sacre Blah!...

I know, some think of this as almost criminal behaviour...but to me, if I can give something forgotten, a new has to be good.Surely...
So this is a little collage made up from pages of old style children's storybooks....random words and snippets that suggest
 their original story.And a love heart, just because... it felt right.Nothing too tricky, or serious, or artistic, just a bit of playing around.