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Sunday, 12 February 2017

SUMMER LOVIN' (or maybe not)

SUMMER LOVIN'(or maybe not)

Endless blue sky days.
Water to cool down.
Sunscreen and beach towels.
The tight feeling of sun kissed skin.

It is now February, and we have just endured 2 days of blistering, scorching, officially catastrophic weather conditions. Any novelty that Summer brings has well and truly lost its appeal. Really. It is actually a bit scary. 

We are very lucky, because we have a lounge room in our house that we can keep air conditioned and cool, and we have had no power cuts to interrupt it. Thank gawd.

My family has resorted to sleeping in the lounge, this oasis. There are mattresses strewn about and cushions proliferating wildly. It looks a right bloody mess, and we do have cabin fever, but we still feel grateful.

We have drunk frappes galore, gorged on watermelon and fruit, eaten a tonne of super dooper frozen ice blocks, played dominoes and cards, read books, watched DVD's(including Frozen). We have a new kitten too, that has proved very entertaining for us all.

But seriously, it is no longer fun. I want to be able to snuggle my hubby without feeling that I will melt. I want to be able to use the oven to cook with without feeling like I live in the Sahara. I am sure camels would feel right at home in our house. And I think the kids might be permanently scarred by the sight of me wandering around naked but for undies. Years of counselling ahead for them all.

Truly, I am trying ever so hard to remember the good things about Summer. The lovely things...

Summer fruits. 
The smell of gardenias and beautiful summer blooms.
Golden fields.
Bright happy colours.
Ice cream and ice blocks. 
Swimming and splashing and frolicking about.
Xmas and New Years'Eve 
with family and friends.

Trying hard... but really, I am over it. How about you? Are you staying cool? Or are you on the other side of the world, snuggled under blankets?!

So, now I have had my whinge, here are some photos that seem to sum up some of the nicer things about Summer. Stay cool my friends, stay cool. x