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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cloudy, with a chance of magic


So I live in country NSW,The Central West to be precise.I was not born here,I will always be a blow-in,never a local.

I was born and raised on the coast,with temperate clime and with the smell of salt in the air.

No such thing here.

It took me quite awhile to get my head around living in this space and place.I had been living in Europe for a couple of years previous to moving here.So when we arrived, our belongings in tow,it was like a blast of furnace hot Summer heat,welcoming me.I wondered why...and what on earth was I doing here.

Then I looked up.And saw that huge,immense beautiful sky,the one I had not seen for all the time I lived in the UK.I saw ones a bit like it in the French Riviera,and Spain,but it was a different blue,not so deep.I had forgotten the magic of this Aussie sky so expansive.

And I began falling in love with it,all over again.

Even the clouds are beautiful.And after almost 20 years of living out here,I can still find myself losing focus,standing still and just gazing up at lost in the colour and glow.I am still affected by it,still quietly in awe of its wonder.It inspires me when I paint,makes me grab my camera,makes me stand still and just admire.It makes me pause,just for a few minutes maybe,and be still.

I hope I never lose this joy of looking at the sky,the clouds,the light,the stars.I hope you have it too. And I hope you read this and know just what I mean.