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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Funky, Retro, Vintage... 
in the Desert

When you plan a trip out to the outback of NSW Australia, you expect mulga, saltbush, wide horizons, huge blue skies, red earth , flies,kangaroos, roadkill, trucks,hordes of grey nomads...and many kilometres of straight roads. 

When you plan a trip to Broken Hill, you expect art galleries (oh yeah... Pro hart), slag heaps, mining memorabilia and tributes, wide streets named for minerals (Bromide St. Galena St., Talc St. etc...). What I did not expect was the glorious nostalgic little bit of fabulousness that was in South Broken Hill.

A Milk Bar, that apparently is a total local institution.Synonymous with growing up  there...part of the fabric and nostalgia for a booming , busy buzzing Broken Hill of the past. 

It is Bell's...Bells' Milk Bar.BELLS MILK BAR (link!)
A total blast from the past, as the cliche goes. 

Laminex tables,chequered floors, a jukebox, dial phones,kitsch wall art, shake flavours, the menu,the is just total retro.

 There is even a little exhibition out the back, of important milk bar's in Australian history.And not just the 50's and 60's is here.My kids went a wee bit wild for the old 1980's sit down video game...Frogger, Pacman, Galaxia etc...oh still my beating childhood heart!What a trip.

But modern also has free WI-FI!!!Oh lordy, was this a treat!

I love retro but give me wi-fi!

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