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Thursday, 12 June 2014


Picture Garden
Just because...just because I wanted to look at pretty things today, I have been trawling through some of my picture albums(and thinking I need to cull, edit, delete and organise them...)and found these shots. These  photos are of things I have found as I wander about in my garden, in different seasons of the year. 

When I walk around , just enjoying being within my garden, within its wildness, there is always something worth capturing and foraging...and I always have bunches of flowers or foliage in some of my vase collections, dotted around the house. 

I am fortunate enough to live on a large corner block, in the town area of a rural city.We built a large modern extension a couple of years ago, and commissioned a landscaper to design us a wonderful backyard. Oh dear, it has sat in the office, this wonderful plan, and has yet to be made into tangible reality. So these things here, are from the little bit of the garden that has received our attentions...the front, and my little side garden.Which used to be just kikuyu grass and struggling nandina, and the 100 year old wisteria.

So...some pictures of the things I have found.Hope you enjoy this little picture garden.