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Friday, 28 August 2015


goody bag and table fun, and little Olly Zebra (short for Olympus) who was the star of the day

 = photography fun

Lucky duck me. Lucky duck my Miss 12, Tillie(otherwise known as crackers and cheese). Because we won a place at a FatMumSlim (otherwise known as Chantelle Ellem) Olympus workshop, with Sesame Ellis (otherwise known as Rachel Devine). The workshop was for an adult to share a love of photography with a child - not a random stray child, of course... one they knew! So it was me and my Miss 12. Just us two. Together. It meant that we had a quite lovely 5 hour or so drive from our home in the Central West of NSW, to the bustling hubbub of The Grounds in Alexandria, Sydney.

Setting out super early, and watching the sun come up all yellow and golden, we used the time to chat about fashion, hairstyles, boys (and how revolting they are), funny apps on our devices, our upcoming family adventure overseas, school, friends, blogging, photography... and pretty much anything and nothing. It was just lovely time to just enjoy the journey. No stress. Totally chilled.

Of course, making it even less stressful was that awesome amazing thing called GOOGLE maps (oh how I love you)that we used to find our way to the venue THE GROUNDS. I admit, upon our arrival we were awed and a little bemused at the equivalent entire population size of our little village being bustled and busy into a bit of wonderland that is The Grounds. 

Tillie's photos of The Grounds using the loaned Olympus camera

After landing, parking, and finding our bearings it's no surprise that the first stop was a dash to the loos,(even they were trendy) after which we just soaked up the liveliness and the UBER COOLNESS and hep and happening vibe of this place. Miss 12 was amazed. Me too. I try really hard not to let my country-bumpkin goggle eyes not be too obvious, but I think I may have failed. Pretty spectacularlrly. The jaw dragging on the ground may have been a give away.

So, after picking up my said jaw, we found where the workshop was taking place. And there on the long tables, under vines, were little bags and presents and packages, wrapped in lovely paper, looking oh so fun. WOOHOO! There were little animals for each kid there, and a goody bag of yummy treats and a few other bits and bobs too. Miss 12 by this stage had a grin ear to ear. Me too.

And it just got better. 

I will not totally bore you with details, a blow by blow account. Suffice to say we met Chantelle, and Rachel, and the team from Olympus too. And suffice to say they were all super uber lovely, helpful, friendly, warm, helpful(did I already say that?) and sweet. We got to play with Olympus cameras, eat LUSH food, drink delicious scrummy lemonades, chat and meet other kids and creatives (including a surprise Instameet with a very clever online Instagram pal, @mintandfizz... who realised it was me because of my funny name and introduced herself to me. A REAL LIFE MEET! I may have flung my arms around her in joy. Too great.) 

 Rachel Devine and fans

Tillie and new friend Emily, getting all framed up

Basically, it was just really fantastic, and well worth the drive. We learnt lots, left with full bellies, full hearts and lots of goodies and memories. So here are some of the photos we took, just a few mind you. Lots of them are by Tillie, who just loved snapping away (like her Mum!)

And guess what? When I asked Miss 12 what she thought of the workshop, she said..."Well Mum, I know what I want for Christmas.... An Olympus camera!" So I guess whoever came up with that marketing plan needs to go to the top of the class. Well played Sir, well played! 

(and just quietly, her Mum wants the same... please tell Santa)

PS... If you love photography, head over to FMS Photoaday, where you will find lots of great people stretching themselves with a fun photography challenge...

 Olympus the Zebra (Olly for short)

 yummy yummy fresh fruit

 Oops.Someone lost a name tag. Guess it was Lorraine.

raspberry crush

handmade lemonade yummy

citrus zestiness

Tillie took this...

Olly and friend, by Tillie and Emily

Flowers, all shots taken by Tillie 

 Tillie and Chantelle Ellem, (FatMumSlim herself). Happy faces!