It's YOU! Hello! Nice to see you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I create with watercolour, pen, collage, mixed media and photos. I teach, hosts workshops, collect, dream. I love cheese, travel, my garden, faffing, colour and whimsy. I am crap at time management, and do way too many things, but it is all good. Oh yes, all pictures and photos on here by me too, just saying.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

This week has been crazy #7 Vignettes week.
A mad, insane, super challenge that comes up every month, for the first week-hence 7, and every day has a theme, a word, to inspire and facilitate the picture.Sometimes they are quite random, like 'emotional", other times quite prescriptive, like 'window'.The pics here were from 'green'  day...obviously!
It means my house ends up a disaster area, props everywhere, housework not touched, the children and hubby somewhat ignored. An obsession with my phone, bordering on the compulsive and unhinged, and constant need to come up with new ideas. 
I try not to look at the other entries too much, because it generally makes one feel quite awash and overwhelmed with just how many talented peeps are out there...quite green with envy at their amazingness!
 But i have to say, the peeps i have discovered here on this forum are so Goddamn lovely and supportive, they are a treat for the eye as well as the soul. Take a peek, it is well worth it...x