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Monday, 20 October 2014


After the dreariness of Winter, and the burst of Spring growth, the flush of blossoms, the sweet smell of hay fever, there is only one thing left to do to make my so beautifully cleaned and tidied, groomed paper-free, clutter-free, non-messy house (you do know this is me being sarcastic, right? I know sarcasm is a low form of wit, guilty as charged...) look picture perfect and magazine worthy. Fresh flowers, dotted everywhere, in vases collected from tip shops, op shops, scavenged from relatives, sourced on sale, reclaimed and up-cycled vessels...

The blooms and buds come from my garden, beautiful but currently heavily infested with weeds and severely overgrown after dropping the ball on gardening lately.Or they come from one of my regular foraging flower trios, from next to the railway tracks, from vacant plots where houses have been razed to the ground but hardy plant specimens have bravely battled for survival, from nature strips and roadside outbreaks of botanical beauties. It is all fair game. 

Occasionally I buy bunches of flowers from the local CWA, lovingly cut from someones overabundant garden. But I just cannot buy bunches of expensive flowers...not when there is so much foliage and twisty dead wood loveliness, weedy blooms and elegant dried grasses that grow all around me. 

I sometimes wonder if my kids will grow up with the memory of flowers and leaves stuck all over the place...not quite Margaret Olley style, but in the realms of.I hope they remember it fondly. Because I feel no urge to stop anytime soon. They just make my heart happy, and make my soul smile. are some recent little bunches, posies, branches of flowers that have graced our house...for a little while.I urge you to look around and find the beauty that is all around...and if it is not naughty..take a piece of it with you, and stick it in a vase.
 Happy foraging x

 from the garden, cherry blossom and thrifted vase
 painting from op shop, poppies from a roadside verge, stool from a tip shop
 thrifted science beaker, weed dandelion, Ikea bench
 thrifted linen, thrifted vases, garden cuttings and blooms
fresh from our orange tree, thrifted vase 
 Patersons curse/Salvation Jane,foraged weed
Californian poppies, traintrack beauties, foraged with joy