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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Having been a vegetarian for about 40 years, since I was 3 (you do the math, yes I am that old), it is widely believed by those who know no better, that I must therefore eat lots of mushrooms-these being the plant world equal to meat. That I must love them. And indeed I do. But not to eat. I am highly them. I dare not let them pass my lips. 

So it is kind of ironic, that lately I have been drawing and painting and falling in love with these fungi. I swoon at the sight of them.

I race to pick them and fold them carefully in tissues, so that I may take them home and photograph them.

I have been buying cute toadstool and mushroom  ornaments, and telling myself they are for my children.

I have no desire at all to eat them... there is nothing like that going on. I have just taken an aesthetic fancy to them.

 SO here you are, some recent snaps, paintings and drawings of my latest love.Mushrooms. A warning though. 

I am not monogamous with my love..there are others I am also infatuated with, but ...shshshshshhh..
do not tell! x

fresh picked

 old book paper sketched painted with watercolour, gouache & acrylic

 old book paper sketched painted with watercolour, gouache & acrylic

 lead pencil sketch

 gouche, watercolour, pencil study
 ink pen quick sketch

 picked in Canberra, photographed in a motel room

 at the local hairdresser, killing time by sketching

at the local skate park, waiting for my daughter to get sick of scootering, a quick ink sketch

another fresh picked victim...or victims

 these two pics show mushrooms growing in situ, before being swooped on by me, and uprooted

 happy to have found a Xmas decoration that ticked my box...toadstools!

Monday, 7 July 2014


#7Vignettes June 2014

So, there I was again...another beginning of the month(how did that happen!)Another #7 vignettes.Say what?

So on Instagram...Every Month, every first 7 days of the month. Everyday a different word. Every day a new challenge to complete a vignette, or little scene, that reflects that word.Every month I say...

"No, not this month, I will sit it out." 

And every month...I am drawn in, reeled the fabulous images, the supportive comments, fabulous community and the creative challenge that gets my creative juices flowing.

For those who have not read my posts about this before, you may be wondering what on earth I am still going on about. It is kind of tricky to explain to those who have not looked at the #7vignettes on Instagram.It is kind of weird to explain to those who do not carry their camera around looking for props and potential vignette ideas...constantly.My family and friends still do not get what it is I do every month!

So...let me explain further.

 There is this lady, a lovely lass, English born, who decided to make our fair shores her home. Her name was Jen Bishop.She started a blog. And it became a bit of a sensation. It is called INTERIORS ADDICT.You may well know it.She did something many of us fantasise about - she became a professional blogger....about all things wonderful to do with house interiors, decorating, styling, gorgeous eye candy for those interior obsessed.Her blog went from strength to strength.But that is not all.

This clever lass, with her fabulous blog,then created the idea and format of #7 vignettes.I believe it started in January 2013, but I could be wrong (I often am!).

I found out about it through a friend....and began 'competing' about April 2013. I think I have missed 3 since then...due to Weddings, being overseas, and being ill.And I felt terrible each time!

It is called challenge .and it is.One of the things that keeps it so challenging, is that most months there is a guest judge....and always tricky words.Usually a few really tough ones, just to test you.I find that some of the words are incredibly tough to imagine as a vignette...whereas some come really quite easily.The inevitable curly one makes me cringe...and my brain swirl.

And as well as this, every judge has their own preferences and style they seem to lean towards. I can never pick the winner...there are so many amazing images.You never know what they are looking for.

Perhaps the thing that amazes me the most though, that makes all the mess, the time, the effort  the stress worthwhile, is the truly nurturing and supportive community that has developed on this hashtag.There are people from all over, and the constancy and the growth in ability, contact and sharing has been so rewarding and heartwarming.I have seen this group step outside themselves and use vignettes to go into new worlds, and chase dreams. 

If I named them all it would take me pages...and I know I will miss lots of them.
Sari Jane home accents is one, and Red Agape and , Sarah Shanahan ,Finds on Fitzroy, and The Stylist Splash ,   and Ouchflower, and ...oh my..the list goes on.They are names so well  known in my house, my hubby will even say..."HEY! did you see the post from....."

So... after this little ramble,I guess I should leave you with my shots for June 2014. The guest judge was Greg Natale, a stylist renowned for his eccentric use of bold colour and I decided to go bright and bold too.This month's, July, has just finished, and I approached it in a completely different way. But for is June.Enjoy!