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Saturday, 27 June 2015



Staring at the screen,thinking...Hmmmm... really,what is there I can share that is even a tiny bit interesting? Then I think..well, actually,lots.But what is it that I feel like sharing today? What can I share. What should I share. What's worth sharing? What is important enough to become a post? I ponder.(Think maybe I need a coffee...)

In the background right now are my 2 girls, eating Branston pickle,camembert and hummus, bickering about who sits next to me.I am in the big lounge,finally on holidays.The dogs are asleep in the sun,the hubby is hanging out some washing.The teenager is in his lovely room with loud duff duff rave music(?)vibrating down through the ceiling.I have Feist mega mixes music on my stereo,and am nibbling on camembert myself.Not exactly thrilling,but pleasant enough.

Then I hear one of the sentiments,the lines in one of these Feist songs as the music plays...that I just love.Something along the lines of...that life is basically about collecting little memories,and assembling them together.Cobbling those little snippets, pieces and stories together to make up a  full picture.

And I had an idea. Have an idea. What if I just grab 4 random pictures, and tell the little story behind them? Litle snippets. it is, 4 randoms.And their little story! Enjoy...

This shot was taken at Canowindra Bowling club function room,a few years ago. We were there,end of December for staff drinks and a little staff bonding(my hubby's staff actually,not mine). The kids were bowling,hubby was chatting...and I was wandering about with my phone taking photos(nothing unusual there then).

I moseyed along and found myself in a little function room,with the remnants of some event scattered around. Some paper tablecloths (used),dry and artificial flowers in cane baskets with curling ribbon that had lost its curl,vinyl chairs in odd positions and a few stray streamers here and there.

And up on a little platform, was this picture, of the Queen, propped against the wall. It caught my eye, so kitsch and so old fashioned. Little water marks on the mount, the photo of a young beautiful Queen,lovingly hand coloured - a reminder of a time when colour photos were not the norm.

I wondered about all the things this picture must have seen over the years.The life that queen has had. I wondered about the traditions and nostalgia for a past time. 

I just liked it.I took some photos.Of course. With my phone, of course.A photo from another time, being photographed with something that would have been unimaginable back then.I like that kind of twist.And that is Queenie.

This found its way to me through my hubby, because it was his mum's when she was a schoolkid. And his Auntie's before hers. 

My mother-in-law is the youngest of 2 sisters, and she has often told me about how she tagged along after her older sister as a kid, and always resented that she had to watch the eldest sister do lots of things before she could, how she had the hand me downs, and the cast offs.The usual younger sister stuff.I am the eldest child (by a lotta years) in my family, so I really had not thought about this kind of thing too much before.

When this paint tin came to me,I was already chuffed.But when it came in its original REEVES PAINTS  cardboard box too...and scrawled in very neat ink pen writing is the name of hubbys' Auntie, the older sister, I was particularly happy, knowing it was a little piece of family history. 

And then just as neatly, but vigorously done in a sharp a line through THAT name,was the name of the younger sister below.My mother-in-laws name.Obviously these paints,had been passed down to her! 

I love the writing itself in loopy ink, the fact they are old and have history, and I love guessing at how the younger sister felt about not even getting a new paint set of her own!It's just a little thing, but I love the whole history of them.And I do use them sometimes, but really, I just like having them. I love that I can pass them onto my kids, complete with their Grandmothers childhood writing.And the backstory it hints at!

I love rainbows. I love colour. You know that,right? I have hankered after one of these umbrellas for awhile now, so when I was in the queue at my local discount shop, and saw them there for 10 bucks, I threw caution to the wind, last of the big spenders, and spontaneously grabbed one and stuck it in my basket. YIPPEE! was summer,no rain in sight.Damn.

One of the things I do is teach. I got a second degree through distance education,as a Primary/Infants teacher, many years ago.So I do that on the side,casually, part time sometimes,and occasionally full time. 

It was a hot summery day, at the end of last year,and I found myself teaching on sport's day.I decided to grab my brolly as to use as a parasol,knowing I had a long afternoon ahead at some hot,dark,melty tar netball courts,whistle around my neck,as part of my teaching duties that day.Good decision as it turned out.

Because as I sat watching the girls get their netball pinnies on,bickering about who would play which position...I held the umbrella up and saw the wonderful clouds and colours in the big sky above.I grabbed my phone from my basket,and snapped off a few shots, the kids all asking "what are you doing, Miss...why...what come...???"

Yes, they think that I am a bit weird, because I stop and take photos, and pick up feathers and rocks,and take photos of umbrellas.Probably.I like to think I am opening up their eyes a little to the world around them.I know they find it interesting, what I do.Anyhow...

So...this is one of those shots.

When we did the extension on our house a few years ago,I told all and sundry(who listened) that I was going to have a disco ball in my laundry.Just for fun,just because.Because if it made it more fun to be in the room I seem to spend endless hours in...then why not?

Well,with a build about 8 months over time,nerves frazzled,and complete building and interior design choice never quite happened.I had a lovely laundry, but sadly,no disco ball.

Fast forwards a few years,and the discovery of Instagram and social media.And I discovered this cool brand called LOVESTAR, that does amazing wall vases.The first ones I saw were pink, and I just swooned.I ripped the page out of a magazine,stuck it in my scrapbook of lovely,and Googled them.I have a thing about love hearts, in fact my one and only tattoo is a love heart.So,onto my I MUST HAVE list there was a Lovestar vase. 

I entered a few of their competitions, even won a necklace from them.I eventually ordered 3 little love hearts as ornaments for me to hang about the place...from my neck to the xmas tree,and to use as props.But I still did not have my vase.There was always something more important we needed,and I felt a bit self indulgent..especially when I have cupboards groaning with vases,and walls(and other cupboards)loaded with art already.  

Late in 2014 I went to Orange, about an hour away, for some reason...cannot remember why! I always, always go to the Salvation Army shop there...even though it has got a little's worth a look.I Have got some great stuff there over the years.Sure enough, this day was no exception...because there, on a shelf...was a disco ball.$5. WOOHOO!!! Oh happy days!Big smile on my dial.

Then at Xmas...hubby said, "Go on order yourself one of those vase thingy-me-bobs you have wanted for yonks.You deserve it." Youv'e never seen me move so fast.WOOHOO! And I surprised myself by ordering a blue one.

And suddenly,ready for 2015,I had two of the things I had been lusting over on my wall, together. And every time I look at them I am happy. Everytime I look at them I think about how sweet it was waiting for them, and how much I appreciate them. I know I should not be so materialistic...but, well...I am. Sorry. My life is just a little bit nicer and happier because of these things.

The lovely thing is, I have had so much positive feedback of photos of my house, and little photos of my bits and pieces, that we have been featured in a few magazines, and have a photographer interested in coming out from Sydney to take shots for a major online website of interiors. So, really I could say that these things are almost business investments!!!! At least, that's how I am thinking about it...

(And by the way, I have been lusting after a mini Cooper for many years. I am convinced that if I had one of these my life may well be complete. I am willing to get one just to find out. Really.And I am also sighing and swooning over some other Lovestar vases, because really, the little blue one needs some friends to hang out with.I am picturing several on the wall.I will let you know how that goes!)

So, thats it.4 random photos,4 random snippets.It's been nice remembering. Do you have things like this to share? Let me know!Hope to see you next time. I may even do some more randoms!