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Monday, 15 February 2016



 You know what it's already FEBRUARY! How the?! 

I guess one of the reasons January blurred through so quickly, is because (and don't hate me) I spent the entire month on holidays. Well, sort of. 

I was at home, with the family. Which is lovely, but not all that relaxing at times. And I did go back to my hometown of Newcastle for 10 days to see people we love and adore. It's all good. But I do find it hard to get any creative stuff done with all the family around, and not being at home. And I get antsy. SO...

So I decided that I should do the Lisa Congdon and Creative Bug 31 Day Drawing a Day Challenge. I reasoned that it was doable, reasonable, and would keep me drawing and creating for the month, even if nothing else happened. 

I do not know how I found the challenge, I really do not. And what was it all about? It was pretty obviously, as the name really suggests - one word, one thing, you draw everyday for 31 days. There was a video of Lisa Congdon drawing each thing, and guiding people.(Who is Lisa Congdon? She is an American illustrator I just adore.I would like to be her.True.She is ace.) 

I admit though, I did not watch a single  video she did. But it was great because the list for the month was there to see, which meant I had time to think about how I could do each one. 

And I was a wee bit naughty, and some days, or nights, I stayed up REALLY late, doing several days at once, so that while we were on holidays, I could take the occasional day off and just chill, go out for dinner or movies, or hang with friends all day and night and know I had already done the hard yards.

But the truth is, it was a bit addictive, and bloody fun. I could not wait till the kids were in bed and it was all quiet, and I got out the paper and the pens and started. Cup of tea next to me. It was a nice happy place to go to, almost a reward in itself.

But it was a challenge - there were things I have never  ever thought of drawing before, like forks, and watches, and a radish. Truly, a radish! 

Great to push yourself a bit. To add new things to the repertoire. 

And best of all, I did it every day - a drawing to post, every item done. Super-proud.

So here's a few examples... the rest of them I no longer have photos of. Because my phone died (boo hoo hoo) and I lost all my contacts, and photos. But that, my friend, is another story for another time. 

Meanwhile, if you really want to see them, you can find ALL of them on my Instagram feed. And lots of them I will be making into prints and cards - in fact, that's why I can't show them to you, because they are at the printers. (ooh exciting!)

So one challenge done. Bring on another! Like that exhibition I have next month... oh dear, better get to it!