It's YOU! Hello! Nice to see you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I create with watercolour, pen, collage, mixed media and photos. I teach, hosts workshops, collect, dream. I love cheese, travel, my garden, faffing, colour and whimsy. I am crap at time management, and do way too many things, but it is all good. Oh yes, all pictures and photos on here by me too, just saying.

Thursday, 31 October 2013



I suffer from a disease I call "collectamania". I am almost obsessed with collecting bits and bobs, like a magpie.Before you know it,I have one thing...and then need to have another, and another, so that it soon becomes a collection.These things can be quite random, but i think there is a pattern , a rhythm in there, somewhere.I love old and discarded. But I love new and bold.Quirky and boring, humdrum and bizarre.And mixing it up, to create tension, drama, contrast, interest...maybe.

The truth is, these tendencies are very definitely inherited...both my parents collect. Beerbottles, tins, dinner settings(love the Acapulco, thanks Mum, can I have that one day?)T-shirts, plastic bags from overseas sojourns,art, posters, fridge magnets...are just some of the adornments that are currently residing in my parents home.So I am fighting genetics. That's my argument, and I am sticking to it. 

I think my siblings, both very talented creative types,have a form of this disease 
too, somewhere on the spectrum.I am not too sure how deeply their symptoms are evident...but I think it lurks there, just below the surface. I have heard rumours of pebble and rock collecting,and tattoos are becoming plentiful. And there is a surefire nautical little display in my sister's house..(okay, I confess, I gave quite a lot of them to her...guilty, guilty enabler...)But the animal figurines are sure a collection.

YES - the genes are showing  in our own little people, we have passed them on...and I reap what i sow, as I trip over tanks, soldiers, Polly Pockets,baby dolls, lego...not one or two, but HUNDREDS of them (i think).
That said,better go. Time to stop rambling. I have an Op-shop and tip to get to.You never know what I might find...