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Thursday, 13 December 2018

MAKING A MANIFESTO for The Breadtag Project

for The Breadtag Project

In the middle of 2018 I began to ponder an idea. I began to think about the humble little breadtag/breadclip/breadtie, and how it is so common, yet so overlooked. 


I had been sporadically making little simple pictures using tags I had collected for a few years. When I posted them on social media, the reaction was overwhelmingly surprise mixed with delight.

On a purely creative, artistic level, I became excited about the possibilities. To make more images, my collecting of breadtags gathered a little pace, and I also began to research what colours I could find.

But then something else happened, because a whole world of information opened up to me when I began Googling about breadtags.

I began to understand how single use plastics, such as breadtags, were a major environmental concern. I began to read and investigate the impact of them throughout the world. How every single piece of plastic is with us forever, and how they are fundamentally not recognised or valued beyond a short life span of usage, but a lifetime of waste. 

When I began to see how quickly my own collection grew, I realised the IMMENSE amount of tags that are in circulation. I began to realise the anything I did with the tags HAD to include an awareness of this huge problem. And that small steps and actions can lead to big things. 

So THE BREADTAG PROJECT happened. I started a Facebook page, and began reaching out to people. And they responded. 

Breadtags began turning up in my letterbox. I was filled with amazement. 

While collecting and sorting the growing collection of breadtags, I also received  messages, emails and hand written notes.

People were sharing STORIES, ANECDOTES and moments of their lives with me. Special, funny, emotionally moving, sentimental, beautiful stories. ALL tied to breadtags. 

Stories of grief, loss and trauma, but also of happiness and sharing.  And these stories deserve to be read and shared with others. I realised I had begun to create a little community, that was invested in this project. Slightly terrifying, but truly wonderful. 

I saw that others found the process of collecting was inherent, because many did not know why they had been collecting breadtags, they just did! And they were grateful they now had somewhere to send them. 

I also discovered that like me, people found it comforting, and almost meditative to sort and classify their breadtags. A beauty in creating order and form, and reason. I researched and read more about how actually the process of collecting has been studied and has scientific basis to why it can create a sense of well being. It is fascinating. And for a collector like me, it made perfect sense. 

Having lived with anxiety and depression on and off in my adult life, and knowing so many others in the same boat, I am intrinsically motivated and interested in learning more about mental health issues and well-being. I have long learnt that art and creating are a form of therapy, and hugely beneficial. 

To this end, The Breadtag Project also gives me and others, another platform to talk about our experiences, to recognise that just creating, and being PART OF SOMETHING, is wonderfully nurturing, and promotes well-being and good mental health. 

I see it as way or normalising discussion, of sharing strategies and experiences. So important, and close to my heart. 

Not sure why I had not done it earlier, but few months ago I opened up a new account on Instagram  too, to support and share THE BREADTAG PROJECT. To reach out to more people. 

It was around this time I began to think more seriously about not only the WHAT and WHY it is I want to achieve, but the WHERE  and WHEN  too. And most importantly… the HOW. 

Because dreaming and thinking up ideas is one thing, but putting them into action is another altogether. 

This is where THE MANIFESTO came to be. Sounds fancy huh! And serious. It is!

The MANIFESTO will be the skeleton, or base that informs and directs whatever happens within and for the project. 

It will provide clear objectives and outcomes. 

Of course, it is a working document, so changes are expected as time progresses, but essentially core values remain the same. 

In order to achieve all these goals, I will need support, financially, emotionally, creatively. I know my community will assist me.

Financially, I will be investigating arts Grants, Government and Non GO corporations and businesses and networking with people I know who have great skills and knowledge.

I will reach out to media, both old school like radio, television and paper and print media, as well as online. And yes, publicity will be key, so please do not hesitate to spread the word about the project, by sharing the Instagram feed and Facebook page links. 

I am open to suggestions, and ideas, mentoring, contacts and potential sources of inspiration to achieve the outcomes and objectives. Any contacts in PR, media, book publishing etc also a bonus. Let me know if you think you can assist in any way!

I hope you will not hesitate to participate in this passion project of mine, and I look forward to the journey ahead with you on board,

And stay tuned for THE MANIFESTO!

Yours in collecting and breadtags,
Shani x