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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Natural Wonders and Instagram..or..What did i do before i had my phone?

or...What did I do before I had my phone?

Honest truth,  Pre January 2013, I had  NO IDEA why people loved their mobile phones. None whatsoever...could not see the appeal, could not understand the eye-rolling and the big groans, when people told me , friends told me...that they would NEVER ring my phone(A hubby cast-off back then)'cos they knew... 
1). I would not answer 
2). I would not have it on 
3). It would not be charged and 
4). I would never ring a result of 1 and 2 and 3

Then SAMMY samsung entered my life. With me arguing HARD for why I needed a decent phone, and big doubt in husband's mind, and a rapidly growing awareness that just maybe, phones could be kind of cool....we entered the telecommunications shop. And bamboozled but fearfullly delirious, We bought my SAMMY. 
And my love affair started.

It has navigation aids! Games!An assistive light! A clock! A timer!... and takes AWESOME these shots I fired off this week from pickings gathered while walking and working.

And then there is INSTAGRAM. Oh sweet sweet Instagram.A total wonder. So... from completely ignorant to a savvy (!)hip, tekno whizz(insert serious sarcasm ) here I am!!!

My phone. My lovely, Lovely Sammy. A natural wonder.xxxxxx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

blue sky sunday and the release of yabby

BLUE SKY SUNDAY.. and the release of yabby
Blue sky day today, truly glorious. A fine day to be out in the countryside, so we ambled off to have a picnic, took the dog, the kids, my visiting parents, and headed out.
Highlight...releasing our pet tabby back into the river, after 2.5 years in a glass box
It appeared stunned, truth be told, as if it could not quite believe that the invisible force field was not there....A few tears were shed, it has to be admitted, but knowing we were doing the right thing, and that yabby might get himself a girlfriend and live happily ever after, somewhat softened the emotional blow....that, and also... knowing we still have one, captive in his box, at home in the laundry.Now promoted up the ladder, he gets the master suite tank,...bigger, more rocks, better views , coloured pebbles, not one, but two hidey-hole jugs,special service, and no sharing of the bench-top. Lucky guy.