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Tuesday, 5 July 2016



The other day, I posted a blog about some up-cycled magnets that I made. I was not completely honest when I did that post. What I failed to mention was that I got so into the whole craft-zone happiness, that I just kept going! 

Yes, faced with yet ANOTHER day inside, with rain and cold, no gardening possible, the TV  melted from overuse, and all devices are BANNED because of wifi drain and a distinct lack of real life interaction, cleaning had well and truly lost its fun (sarcasm rules) creating, making and reading areaways my preferred pastimes. This little project became a perfect cross-pollination of the two! 

Yep, inspired by my lovely colourful stash of Scotch Expressions tape, and an ice block my Miss 9 ate in front of me, I came up with this idea. All by myself.

Now you should know, I am not a perfect crafter.Yes I can draw, and paint and take okay photos.BUT I am not a hugely dedicated maker of craft goods. I cannot sew, crochet, knit, macrame, quilt. So if I can make this, and my kids too, anyone can. You can. Trust me.

So what did I use?

  • Iceblock sticks (I had some from a discount shop, but you can get them at lots of craft shops too, even newsagents)
  • Sheets of white cardboard - I used common old A4
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • and tape...of course!

So how did a create these little whimsies?

The first thing I did was to draw up a quick outline shape of an ice block.  For those challenged by this, but I assure you, it is SUPER EASY to just draw it up yourself. If you rub it out, just rub it out and start again!
HINT: I lay my ice block stick on the white card when i drew my shape to get the proportions correct.

When happy with the shape, I folded my cardboard over, so that whenI cut out my shape I got two for my effort! These are the pair of shapes that will make our bookmark. So do this for as many bookmarks or ice block whimsies as you would like to make!

Then using Scotch Expressions Masking Tape, I laid a stick in the middle of one of the shapes, and stuck it down. then I got another piece of tape, made it stick in a loop shape,and stuck this to the stuck down stick! Got it?! See the picture below! 

I stuck on another loopy thing too, just for good measure at the bottom too. See above!

Then I stick the matching ice block shape card to this. VOILA! One plain white ice block. Clever,  but downright DULL. So then came the fun part. The tape decorating!
I started down the bottom, with a piece of tape that was the right size to stick so that it met at the back. Really, I just played, there was no grand plan. I kept going till I got to the curvy bit at the top.

Once I got to the top, I stuck my chosen tape over the FRONT SIDE  of the ice block, then flipped it over, stuck more tape on the back side, and stuck the tape together. Then I carefully cut out around the curves, using the card inside as my guide. See photos below! I promise, it was not hard.

And there you go,one iceblock bookmark!
Now, just make as many as you like, trying out all the colours and patterns as your heart desires.


As per usual, after I made these, my brain went into overdrive, thinking of other things I could use them for. So here are some of those ideas...

  • You could make the front of the ice block, no back, and stick this onto blank card stock to make COOL CARDS, for birthdays, party invitations etc.
  • My daughter suggested punching holes with a hole punch in the top, and stringing/tieing them together to make an ice block themed bunting garland for her room (clever child). She also suggested that you could use an embroidery hoop, and hang them with nice string from them, to make a mobile. ( I see a weekend of crafting in her future...)

  • At Party Time...For those who have magical themed and colour co-ordinated parties, you could make the garland, use the bookmarks as party favours (in bags decorated with the same tape???) use others as cake toppers too.

There are so many possibilities, and because there are HEAPS of colours, styles and patterns in the range of Scotch Expressions tape, you really can colour coordinate and just get creative and see what you can come up with. Have Fun! 

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