It's YOU! Hello! Nice to see you! Here you will find stuff about living a creative life in country Australia. I create with watercolour, pen, collage, mixed media and photos. I teach, hosts workshops, collect, dream. I love cheese, travel, my garden, faffing, colour and whimsy. I am crap at time management, and do way too many things, but it is all good. Oh yes, all pictures and photos on here by me too, just saying.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


                  9 Raindrops, watercolour, silver thread sewn collage 2013


Nothing beats it, the sound of that rain my 100 year old tin roof. The grey skies, all moody and atmospheric. The smell of wet and damp, with me and mine inside, warm and dry. Droplets on the window, jumping about with a life of their own. Under the doona, snug and ohhh so toasty..when its cold...or cool and reviving when it is hot. 
It makes my pulse race and my heart fill. I do not know why. Was I born in a rainstorm? Conceived in one?

I know it can be destructive. I know the sweetness of rain can become malevolent. But...just as some love the sun and the heat...for me it is rain.

          Raindrops watercolour, sewn collage 2013

It even makes me get creative...the old tight in the gut fizzy tingles of GOTTA MAKE.And my main squeeze would say I am also much more  ...wink wink, nudge nudge, "affectionate"...when it rains.
It is grey today. A few spits and splutters of rain. Grey skies.

    Small Cloud, watercolour and sewn work, 2013

So come on now...come on rain. Make my day, break it on down now, pour forth and make my plants grow, make puddles and rivulets in the pathways, and the washing go damp.You know you want to...just so I can say...

Monday, 10 March 2014


Having a Humble Cuppa

AAAH....The cuppa. Tea. Cofffe. Herbal. Chai, Chicory. Citrus infused with the essence of freshly picked (by virgins) organically grown  lavender buds. A Bushells. Whatever your poison.

The boiling of the kettle, the soothing clinky-tink of the spoon in the teacup or mug. So good.

 I had not really realised how much the cuppa had INFUSED (bad pun) my creative little urges, till I had reason to look in my albums to put a pic to this post. Then..found this little cache.Yes, all images and art by me. So, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

But just in case you were wondering...creative, woman, country-living, urban bred, cheese-lover.Op-shop thrifting fanatic. Instagram mad. NZ lover. Dreamer, procrastinator. 

And...yes, I love a good cuppa.

What's that? Kettles boiled. 
Gotta go.

                                                                  instagram 2014

                                                            doodling on my Samsung phone 2013

                                                                 instagram 2013

                                                                  instagram 2013

                instagram 2013

                                             op-shop found doily, complete with tiny teacup on top

         instagram 2013

                                                                having a cuppa in Orange, Byng St. cafe

                instagram 2013

                            little sewn watercolour, from exhibition, 2013

                                                                        instagram 2013

                               sketching my cuppa..taking a line for a walk, 60 second a cafe

Sunday, 9 March 2014


WOMAN, WOMEN collage/mixed media 2014


This here little thing,this picture, is a mixed media collage I recently completed.It was inspired by International Women's Day,and #7 vignettes too.I had fun fossicking about into old books, (salvaged,thrifted) old stamps, (collected and hoarded)cutting, painting, gluing, placing.

Just for something a bit different. Just as an excuse to get off the computer. 
Just because.

The irony create this..I had to ignore the dishes, the washing, the layer of filth under the dining table.I thought, to be exact..

Yes, I was self indulgent.A bit.

But then... I had to think about how bloody lucky I am that I have the time, opportunity and ability to create something just because.How lucky am I to be so self-indulgent. 

I did not have to think about how I was going get food, water or fire for my family. I did not have to worry about where the next penny came from, or if my children and I would go hungry tonight, because I had not done a solid days work in a field, factory or otherwise.

I had a cuppa at my side, the stereo on, in my nice house.
Being a woman, an adult.But in a very very lucky situation.
And I thanked my lucky stars, and hope my daughter's will have the same privilege. 

And then...I did the dishes, washed the clothes, started thinking about dinner, got the house organised, vacuumed... tidied up all the little bits of paper and mess I had made.

And did not mind doing it, not one little bit.