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Sunday, 22 January 2017

TEA TEASER... #projectTlove

TEA TEASER...#projectTlove

Pull up a chair, sit at the table, relax. Take a breath. Take a moment. Time to have a sip. Ahhhhhh...bliss.

Orange rose, watercolour and Micador Aquapainters

I am not a tea snob, and not tea true. I also love coffee. I know, I know, shame... but I am not a fussy woman, and I am too much a pleasure seeker to deny myself too much.

But there is something so much more refined and civilised about a cup of tea than a sturdy brash coffee. Where coffee is a rush, tea is slow. And depending on the day, the location, the situation, I will take either to be honest.

Maybe because I am on holidays, and life is cruiser than usual, I am currently binging on tea. I have a little stockpile of different teas bought for me by a loving, kind and generous friend, as well as my standard morning breakfast brew.

4 Teacups blue, sharpie on paper

Of course, maybe the other reason tea is part of my rocking my world at the moment, is because of the challenge I set for myself of #projectTlove!

 Because babycakes, I am totally LOVING this task I set for myself. 

I am drawing like a mad woman, finding time everyday to draw or paint something tea inspired. At the moment I am hung up on doing teacups, but there have been a few other tea things creep in. A tea tree, for example.

To be honest, I often do more than one at a time, because I get into the swing of it and cannot stop. I am also not unrealistic, and I know that inevitably there may be days when due to illness, misadventure and perhaps even good stuff, I will not get the minutes I need to do any art. So just in case... there are a few spares on standby!

By doing this challenge, I have set myself up so that in a quiet, little, nice way I have achieved a small thing for myself, practiced my drawing, added to my portfolio, and now that others are joining in, have 'met' and connected with some other lovely creatives. All in all, very lovely things.

If you would like to join in, please feel free, just post on Instagram with the hashtag #projectTlove! 

You can dip in and dip out, like or comment on the posts, let someone know if you think they would like to join in... or just have a cuppa and just look at the feed here.

For now though, I leave you with a few of the tea whimsies I have completed. Hope you like them!

Tea tree, pen on paper

 Spot-tea, watercolour, ink and pen

 7 Cuppas for 7 days, gouache, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil

 Delicate tea, pen and Micador Aquapainters

 Teacup Circle

Hot tea, mixed media

 Simple tea

Messy tea, pen and watercolour and tea

 Collage teacup, water coloured paper hand-cut, spray painted doily

 Teacup repeated, pen on paper