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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Quick,FOLLOW THAT DREAM, CHASE THAT RAINBOW !!! (or that time when my husband was right)

(or that time when my husband was right)

OMG,OMG,OMG... looking down the barrel of a busy few weeks ahead. Looking down the barrel of a house that looks like a tip, with white walls looking more like army camouflage than I care to admit, carpets that could grow potatoes in them, basins and sinks resembling something from a science experiment based on the life cycle of slime based flora (and possibly fauna). I am not exaggerating. Much.

My hair has gone grey (I am actually letting it, I have bags(more Aldi plastic carry bag than Hermes)under my eyes, post it notes are multiplying(are they BREEDING?)the list of things to do makes my eyes water, and my butt seems permanently planted on a chair. 

I am a little stressed. I am trying to do all I can to catch up on momentum lost after holidays and other stuff. I am juggling lots of exciting things, lots of challenges, setting up good stuff for this year. I am trying to be a grown up, and emailing, and pushing myself into new directions. I am a bit freaked out.

I think I may have said so a few times.More than a few times. I think I may have told my husband I am feeling a bit like Bilbo Baggins...

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” 
~Bilbo Baggins, The Fellowship of the Ring J.R.R. Tolkien

says the old wise sage on the sofa (aka Husband). He continues, with a slow, deliberate nuance in his tone and delivery. Very Morgan Freeman. Very Gandalf.

"This is your dream, baby, you are  doing it, YOU are the only one who can chase it, follow it, realise it, shape it... so go ahead and RUN. Chase it, follow it, see where it takes you". He continues, nodding slowly, "No-one will think anything less of you if you stop, or slow down. But no-one said it was going to be easy. But you can do it you know. Just breathe. I believe in you, we all do."

Then he goes back to watching his TV show, and snoring a few minutes later. Sleeping. Head nodding onto his chest. I realise the reason for the deep, slow voice was not a sign of wisdom, of dramatic flourish but a sign of exhaustion from him too. We are both working hard. Chasing dreams. And it is not easy, it is hard work. 

Goddamn, I hate it when he is right.