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Thursday, 6 August 2015


(today anyway)

You know when you are super busy, your brain is chockas, and you feel all over the shop? You know that feeling that when you give one part of your life a lot of attention, how the rest of it kind of goes wonky?

Well, it happens to me ALL THE TIME. Juggling madly, keeping the balls in the air.

It is exhausting! And you know, I seem to be many different girls, each one with a special skill set and each with their own agenda, and each one doing a different job, juggling away.

There's the Mummy one, the wife one, the teacher one, the arty one, the trying to think business like one, the bloggy one, the friend one, the housework one, the daughter one, the leave - me - alone I am knackered one, the happy one, the cranky one, the quiet one, the verbal diarrhoea one, the procrastinator one....etc etc etc. No wonder I feel a little bit Sibyl.

On any given day I can be a whole mix of these babes.
Different faces for different situations - it's called emotional intelligence. I must be super intelligent!

Today, right now, I am relieved and tired girl, bloody happy the weekend is here girl. This afternoon hubby will get home from work, we will debrief the day, and just sigh. Friday afternoon girl. I like being this one! 

I am hoping this is not just me, that I am not the only one who feels like their are many versions of myself. Please tell me you do it too? 

So here are some illustrations of some chicky babes - I draw these kind of things all the time. I do not know who they are, or why they appear, but they keep popping up. Different versions, different faces. I wonder if it's because the memories of my 2 girls being little and lovely fill up my heart, or if it is my own sentimental nudge about childhood. Whatever!