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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Dreaming Happy 2013, pen illustration

Following a heart dream

For whatever reason, which shall remain confidential, 2013 was a pretty great year, with moments of sheer bliss, but with a rather large dose of really really bloody awful as well. 
It was an insidious awful, that crept up behind me, and gave me a large bear hug.I was stifled and became inert…completely empty and flat. 
But all the while, a little glow that was always there, a little bit of energy, just kind of waiting … began to give out its heat…and nudged me forwards. 

The nudge grew into a push. 

And now…there is no going back…because I think I  want to follow my heart dream. Need to? Have to?

You are laughing, smirking? I know,the whole internet is filled to bursting with people just like me.Say, WHAT? So I am NOT special, not unique???! Well..yes, and no.

The lovely thing is, that by even admitting this to myself, and hubby, has been liberating(terrifying). And I have found a whole lotta love and support from people that I never expected. It has strengthened bonds already there, and created new ones too.
The world is a funny old place, and I am a funny old thing. But there you go. Watch (or not) as I give it a good bash.

Dreaming is free…but making them reality is not.This old dog is off to learn some new tricks…when i can find the right buttons, and apps, and how to download them…
(hope my sister is home, or maybe my teenage son can show me???)