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Sunday, 8 September 2013


So a few weeks ago I spotted a few baskets & boxes of sewing gear 4 sale at an antique shop... opening them up I found ...

Bobbins, bric-a-brac, needles galore, measuring tapes...(SQUEELING...)old cotton reels, bias binding, buttons, ...oooh... 

I knew they were from a deceased estate, and i am sorry that someone somewhere had awful task of deciding what to keep and what to turf. But, GEEE WHHIZZZ, I bet whomever used to own them(RIP) would be happy to know they have a lovely new home with one very appreciative thread head!
So now, what to do with it all, apart from drool and somewhat limited sewing skills will  be vying for attention with my other creative urges, but somehow, sometime something good will come of it all. 
Watch this space, as we say...(no pressure then).