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Saturday, 8 February 2014


My Heart is Full With Colour, watercolour                                      rare pear studio on Instagram, Feb. 2014


O yes it is...Mainly because I have been back to hitting the watercolours again, for another round of 
Jen Bishop's Interiors Addict #7 Vignettes.
Realising there is no possible way i can do the whole sophisticated, mute tone thing..with hours of beautiful propping.
I decided to play to my strengths...and pop some colour on the page, and use that as my basis for each vignette.

And don't you know, as soon as I dip that brush in the water, my stomach tight with nerves and excitement, and the colour starts to dissolve on my wet brush...a quiet slow sigh passes through my body.

It really is physical, and I have only come to recognise this in the last few years.

Just as satisfying is putting colours next to each other, over each other, and watching as it just ZINGS off the page, and the blooms of colour start to form and dry.
It seems to flow so naturally sometimes, the feel of the brush in my hand, the resistance of the paper, like old faithful friends. Without it, my heart is a less shiny happy thing. 
So to keep painting, and keep my heart full of colour...and love.