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Saturday, 5 May 2018



Hello! Wondering what this is all about? Me too. Well, not really... sort of ⟶ maybe!

So I am a collector, and one of the things I have collected for a bit now, is breadtags. I liked the colours. And one day, I played with them, and made some pictures. I posted on Instagram and the response was kinda crazy. And I discovered that people everywhere collected them, even if they do not know why. Kooky! There are scores, dozens, hundreds, thousands of collections of these out there, existing for no other reason than ... they just exist. In bowls, jars, plates etc.

I began to notice them too, these humble little bits of plastic. The Frequency Enigma. In parks, streets and roads. I picked them up, saving them from being washed into our river ways, and causing little bits of chaos. I thought how sad it was they were tossed away carelessly, single use and disposable.

I noticed them in shops, the colours, shapes, the things that they were used for.

I kept collecting, and faffing with these little bits of inane.

Fast forward a few years later. And I started getting an idea... And The Breadtag Project was born. Or at least the seeds of it were planted.

Because eventually, I realised that there was an idea, but this idea needed cohesion. Structure, purpose, meaning. Like any collection, it needed some kind of boundary.

And after researching, and looking, and dreaming, and researching some more, I realised something else. It needed to be a COMMUNITY of people who help this idea to bloom and to reach its final conclusion. It needs participants, and supporters, believers and collaboration. Because it is not about me. It is about THEM. It is about the stories that people have. It is about how as a group of people, THINGS HAPPEN. And how humble things can become wonderful things. Like a breadtag! 

And ultimately, if I do push ahead with this project, I am going to need to go to BIG WIGS in suits, and pitch my idea. And the more collaborators, followers, likes, readers, then the greater the chance of the pitch being taken seriously! Numbers talk. They do. 

So... I need people to collect them, and send them to me. If they can, I will need the story or note or something to tell me about their little collection. If they cannot bear to send them to me, then photos of their collection and words to go with it. And if they have ever made anything with breadtags, tell me about them. 

I need you to follow my Instagram account, read this blog, and follow here. I need you to follow on my facebook page, The Breadtag Project. I need you to share this idea, share this post. Share the crazy!


I am sorry if I am not being too clear on this big idea. Truthfully, I am feeling a bit shy about it. Part of me is worried someone might steal it and run off with it. Part of me is worried people will just laugh themselves silly. Part of me is worried that I might fall flat on my face and make a fool of myself.

Because I am not sure exactly where it will lead. I know what I would like to happen, but even if it does not go where I would dream of, I am pretty sure it is going to be a FUN, wild and crazy ride! 

Would you like to be part of it? Ideas are fluid, and that is half the fun surely. 

I am going to have to setup a POST BOX to have these breadtags sent to, but for now, just email or massage me and I will give you my address, and I am going to set up systems to correctly keep tabs of images, photos and packages sent. And I am going to get a thank you thing set up for our community. 

But for now... more list making, dreaming and work to keep momentum going. And so it begins! I do hope you will join in

Shani xxx
(crazy breadtag lady)
AND apologies for all the GAPS and weird spaces, blogger is glitching on me, and driving me NUTS! I am laying down arms, and coming back to it later, before I go SPARE!

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