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Thursday, 17 November 2016



1. Find a mirror

2. Stand in front of the mirror. clothes are an optional, but recommended if very cold.

3. Smile at what you see in the mirror

4. Say hello to the person you see in the mirror. Introduce yourself.

5. Tell the person in the mirror 5 things you see that you quite like.

6. Tell the person you see in the mirror, that they are quite special, unique, remarkable and brilliant... but whisper it in a little voice. Over and over and over.

7. Say it all again, but with this time with silly voices. Like a Frenchman, a Somerset farmer, Daffy Duck, a zombie, a dog, an opera singer... whatever you choose. You might yell it, sing it,it is your choice... but keep going  until you are smiling or laughing.

8. Repeat this process as often as you can. Whatever time of day or night, clothed or naked, in good moods and bad, sober and tiddley, bored or happy, in Summer, Spring, Winter or Autumn, caffeine fuelled, or chai tea full...Preferably though without an audience. Though you could film and share on Youtube, if you are into that type of thing!

9. Give yourself a pat on the back. Because you are AMAZING. And if  you look in that mirror, you can see it too!

PS This post was written in honour of those people who I adore, who amaze me, but often do not seem to see how amazing they are themselves. They do not see the brilliance and the shiny sparkly aura they have, the warmth they bring to the world. I wish they could see what I see. Having said that, I do not shirk from the fact that I have lived with low-self esteem and a lack of faith in myself for as long as I can remember. I know that there is no silver bullet, no quick fix. That it is a journey, supported by people who have faith in you and hold your hand through the times you feel wobbly. Thank you my wonderful wobbly hand holders and huggers... right back at you!