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Thursday, 10 December 2015

BITE SIZE SNACK BLOG (or the conundrum of Life Vs. Blogging)

(or the conundrum of Life Vs. Blogging)

Oh Dear. Oh my. Oh my goodness. I am sitting here typing with LONG NAILS (another story) which is really hard to do, with the clock ticking - I am supposed to be on the way to Forbes - and a guilty guilty conscious.Why guilty? Because I have not blogged for about a zillion years. And I feel awful about it. 


I have been doing lots of fun, fabulous, weird, boring, crazy, ordinary, brilliant, wacky, mundanely fab things. Life has thrown so many great things for me to blog about, and a few scary serious ones too. And haveI blogged? NOPE. Nada. Not a word.

I have in fact been so busy, that at the end of the day, even the middle of the day... all those days I said GUNNA BLOG TODAY!... it just went poof! All good intentions flew out the window( the ones plastered with filth and handprints), or collapsed on the sofa, or disappeared under a mountain of washing, or got put on hold while something else happened....

So...instead of words (tick tock clock), here are some photos of my last month...a little snack size bite of my life. And this does NOT even contain the MOST EXCITING BIT! (which warrants a proper blog post of its very own.)

Okay... gotta go...put out some washing, drop off an artwork, pick up a script, pack a bag, put on clean sheets for Grandma....GAH!