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Thursday, 2 August 2018



At a styling workshop with Kara Rosenlund, Sydney

swollen feet from hiking, bathroom at Koh Chang, Thailand

 Iandra Castle, Greenethorpe NSW

 Ferry Pier, Parramatta, Sydney

  Beachfront, Thailand

  Back streets of inner Sydney

  School playground, Cowra NSW

  Picnic spot, Forbes NSW

  Mt Canobolas, Orange NSW

  Wanaka Lake Foreshore, New Zealand


   Bang Bao jetty, Thailand

  Sunny Corner, NSW

   Wanaka Lake Foreshore, New Zealand

  with Daisy dog, POW camp lookout, Cowra NSW

waiting at doctors, Orange NSW

  Koh Chang beach resort, Thailand

 at my brother's wedding, South Coast, NSW

South West Rocks, NSW

  Koh Chang, Thailand

 outback NSW

 Sistine Chapel, The Vatican

  Mt Buffalo, Victoria

  motel in Sydney

  national park, Victoria

 Pompeii, Italy

family portrait, Sumner Rocks Beach, New Zealand

park in Queenstown, New Zealand

train Station Dunedin, New Zealand

on my honeymoon with hubby, Mt. Kosciuszko 

  Dunedin train station, New Zealand

on way to Milford Sound, New Zealand

 Mimosa Rocks National Park, with hubby South Coast NSW


Hooker Glacier walk, New Zealand


  Motel in Jindabyne, NSW

Antibes beach, near Nice, France

Paterson's Curse, Grenfell NSW

 shopping centre, Sydney

 our bathroom, pregnant with child number 2, Cowra, NSW

this week,  driveway, Parramatta NSW

Have you made it this far? All the way down to this text? Well done you!

Well, this is not the usual blog post, you will have noticed. Instead it is really just photos. But it tells a story. A little bit of one. Because these are just SOME of the many many many photos I have taken over the years, of my feet, usually in shoes. 

It started in my early twenties, when I wanted photos of where I had been, but selfies were too hard (and unknown as yet) with big bulky SLR cameras. So I began taking photos of my feet. And yes, people laughed at me, took the mickey, ribbed me. Then guess what? My whole family started doing it. Then my friends. Guess I am just a trendsetter.

So now, many years later, I have a pretty good collection of pics to show me where these feet have taken me. There are of course, huge gaps in the photos, periods where I have taken nothing. I regret it and wish I had taken more than I have. I intend to keep taking them now, and I am always looking for interesting surfaces to take pics of, and interesting places. One day I am sure I will do a comprehensive project about it, but for now, this will suffice. 

I love these photos, because I can see how my feet have aged, spread, changed. I can see the shoes I have had and loved. I remember the places, the smells, the feelings I had at the time. 

Some of them were places I could not believe where I stood, amazed and overwhelmed with emotions. Some of these pics were just mundane  everyday moments. What I love about them all, as a collection, is the way I can see the directions life has taken me... and continue to do so. My feet, on a journey. Wonder where I will go next?