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Sunday, 21 February 2016



This is a bit of a random post. A telegraph post!(very punny). Some might think it strange, a little bit weird. Or MAYBE you might be the same, and not think it weird at all. 

But I love a good telegraph pole! Nothing kinky, I assure you. I mean I love them in a strictly aesthetical sense!

Because there's something about a telegraph pole against a blue sky, or the silhouette of them at dusk. 

Or maybe the whole line of telegraph poles getting smaller and smaller as they disappear into the distance. Perspective defined.

I think they are a bit sentimental, a bit old school. One day they will be metal, and steel, and concrete. But for now, they are basic wood. Weathered, textured, simple.

I guess living in the country might give me a chance to see these babies in isolation, so that you notice them more than when you are in the city. Maybe because in the city they are camouflaged from being singled out and noticed, because of all the clutter around them. I don't know. 

And I am not sure when I started noticing them and then taking photos of them... it snuck up on me! 

One day I will to turn these photos into paintings and drawings. And before you pass judgement, I am not that strange. I know, because on Instagram, and Facebook I see LOTS of people who take photos of the same things. There are hashtags full of them.

Turns out maybe I am not so unique. Kind of a relief? Maybe. But it won't stop me from taking these photos. Another little thing I collect. Little moments of 
simple humble telegraph poles. Just because.