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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Near Enough... is Enough 2017 (Making a list of MIGHTY FINE)

Near Enough 2017?
(Making a list of MIGHTY FINE)

A used, messy palette is a sign of creativeness happening... yes?

OKAY, so it looks like 2017 is drawing to its close, way way way quicker than I anticipated!


There it goes, zooming past my eyelids, yep, 2017. 

And dear me, if it looks like a whole slew of things I wanted to do, achieve, strive for in 2017 have once again eluded me. Sheesh. 

I am not yet famous, or thin, or hugely successful and sipping martinis in a hammock, while minions attend to my art business for me. Not rich. Galleries are not clamouring at the door, nor are publishers or model agencies. I do not yet live in my architect designed too amazing perfect house, and drive the red Minnie Cooper convertible I dream of. Not suddenly wiser, or more balanced and enlightened. Not more with it, over it all, organised, neater, smarter or chilled like a fine iced coffee frappe. I am still not a perfect parent, artist, wife or friend.

Trying to keep it simple, watercolour 2017

And I could beat myself up about it. I guess I probably will, a bit. Sometimes more than a bit. I could get really down, curl up and  have a moan to me, myself and I ( at least I would know someone was listening). And I could go and eat some worms ( as my hubby says).

I am not going to lie, I do have many moments of just not being able to find my mojo, and thinking GAH GAH GAH. feeling blue funky. I have many moments of thinking WHAT AM I DOING!?

 Overgrown, swamped, hiding... watercolour, collage, ink 2017 

But then I have a letter, an email, a note, a postcard, a comment, a contact, a THING happens, that makes me go COOOOOOL and I give myself a little pep talk and put on my big girl undies, and breathe in deep... and keep going. 

And so. 

So I also do a thing, that is really good to do. I make a list. And I add to it. Every time something good and cool happens. Something that makes me proud, or thrilled, or surprised in a good way. Achievements.Of mighty fine stuff. I add to the list. And it steadily grows... all the stuff I HAVE achieved.

Does not have to be perfect to be lovely

So I can look back and think "Wowsers, I am progressing, I am doing fine." 

Okay, I may have not yet reached that world domination on the TO DO LIST, but there is always next year. And that list of mighty fine is pretty good actually. Happy dance time.

So I guess, for me anyway, sometimes, doing the best I can at any given time, is enough. And near enough, can be good enough. So what next?

2018... BRING IT!