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Monday, 2 January 2017

Tea tea tea and #projectTlove

Tea tea tea and #projectTlove

So a new Year! Thank goodness, to be honest, 2016 was pretty shitful. Yes, great things, good things, lovely things did happen. And yes, it could have been worse. But the overall flavour of 2016 was more crapiola than chocolate sweetness. Still, I am EXCITED about 2017, and all the lovely new shiny possibilities!

Lest this excitement mellows into lazy complacency, I always try to find something to do that pushes me along a bit, regardless of other stuff going on. I have ben pondering this as we drive the long distances and spend hours on the road. Lots of time to think, and drift about in my mind. Sweet!

I have been doing a few teacup themed things lately, and really enjoyed them. They are such sweet things. Teacups can be simple and plain, or festooned with colour. But they can also be funky, chunky and groovy too. 

I am part of a group on facebook called the Virtual Cuppa,(you can request to be a member!) where we share stories and tea/coffee stuff... And there are endless great quotes about tea... that I have always been partial to. And so slowly I formed a little plan. 

And I have come up with a little project - 


For this I will do(to the best of my ability!)100+ ...

teacup drawings and sketches and
illustrations and
collages and photos... 

AND in addition I will have some guest bloggers sharing tea stuff too. And even some more blogs by me! I am going to run some creative workshops all about painting teacups, where the participants can either bring their own, OR paint and then take one home to keep.

There are other ideas forming too... but just going to sit on them for now. Let them brew so to speak! But generally, the idea is just to celebrate and enjoy TEA and all its bits and pieces!

So I am a bit fizzy, a bit excited, a bit nervous, and a bit WOOOOHHOOO about this project. 

The thing is, if you, yes YOU are excited about such an idea too, I would be pleased as punch tea if you would like to join in on the  project. Simply snap a photo of your work and share it to #projectTlove on Instagram. 

Or maybe you would like to write something and link it? Drop me a line here, or email me at!

I am truly looking forward to getting stuck into this one, and hope you will enjoy it too. So, having said that, I am now off to make a cuppa!xxx