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Sunday, 20 March 2016



A little while ago, one of my friends, a lovely lady I met through social media, invited my hubby and I to her birthday celebrations. She lives a few hours away, and the night before was a work function for my hubby in the country town he works in, which is kind of on the way. So we decided to make a night of it, and go to hubby's function then stay in a motel, and drive to the birthday bash the next day. Follow?

Kids were safely to be with Grandparents. YES! we were to be kid free and in party mode! 

In my mind, I imagined we would be staying in a lovely fine, modern, a bit fancy, a bit posh motel, one that might wooooo me into feeling a little special, and loved up. Feeling frisky even. I thought hubby would be the same.

Apparently not. Instead he was thinking of a night meant for sleep, sleep, more sleep and minimal pennies spent. We drove into this cheap fibre old motel, and my bloood began to pond in my ears. My hubby, Mr Romance.NOT.

Was I happy? No bloody way was I. 

But then something funny happened. I was so pissed off with him, I went for a walk to cool my heels. 

And damn, I started to see the cool dodgy-ness of the motel. The funny little touches. The fibro simplicity. The gorgeous light, and golden sky. The light that filtered through the white nylon curtains.

And damn again. Because I started to really like that dodgy cool old retro motel. It had its own special charm. I realised that perhaps, just maybe, I was acting like a spoilt brat, and was being a bit shallow, and perhaps more than a bit silly. 

Where we stayed was not important at all, I have LIVED in far worse... and my anger just melted away. 

But if I had not got cross, I would never have walked around seething, would not have looked, would not have seen. Sometimes that's the energy that propels you and sparks that need to RELEASE THE FEELINGS somehow. You know what I mean?

I ended up giving hubby a big hug, and awkwardly apologising for my silliness. And like the wonderful magnanimous person he is, used to living with a mercurial creative woman, he graciously accepted my meek aplogy, without making a song and dance. Thank goodness for him.

And I made him promise that next time I came to town we would stay in the same dodgy cool retro motel...

(PS. Today happens to be our 17th Wedding Anniversary I dedicate this post to him, and his patience for putting up with me and my eccentricities and quirks. He is so lucky to have me, stopping his life from being dull... Love you babes x)