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Friday, 15 May 2015

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It has been so very long since my last blog post,I really cannot quite believe it... 

Time has just escaped from me and the truth be told,there has been a bit of a loss of bloggy mojo going on.It just kind of slid by the wayside,as life got busy,and I got a few commissions,a few great jobs,painting up new challenges and ideas,doing some collages, had a few little holidays and some time hanging with my kids and hubby.I even spent some time in my garden again,and did some planting and nurturing of poor plants that have been much ignored of late.Even better,picking and gathering things from my garden to put in some of the gazillion vases that I have collected,and putting them all around the house.It just makes me happy!

What else have I done....? 

Well,I did a #7 Vignettes,and even did a weaving especially for one of the prompts,(see HERE of an explanation of what this means!)I have been loving and revelling in the glorious colours of Autumn leaves and the cooler days and nights,and getting back into my flanellette pyjamas.Been taking the dogs for walks,pottering around.... 

That's about it actually! Nothing too exciting,nothing too radical.It's just been pretty nice.But,I have missed blogging. Really!

So how have you been?
How's things with you?

 Some inspiration from my plants for a new watercolour

 Falling in love with my cactus and its funny bits

 Loving the Autumn leaves from my Manchurian pear trees

 A weave I did for a #7 vignette Instagram challenge

 Lovely Autumn sun floods into our eating area, and a big bunch of rosemary from the garden in a thrifted glass vase.

 Doing some lettering for  a change, in watercolour and ink

Foraged pomegranate buds from our neighbours(yes i asked!) brighten a corner, and my heart