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Monday, 11 November 2013


                                            four folded books, above 2013
                                                                              folded pages 2013
                                           folded books 3 from above 2013


WOOHOO! As part of my get creative everyday sojourn, I am posting photos on the Fat Mum Slim FMS PHOTO A DAY challenge, as well as Australian crafting guru Pip Lincoln's (from "Meet me at Mike's") 
Just B page, #amonthof  -  both of these challenges are on facebook and Instagram. 

Lucky ducky me made it to the 'fab 4' on the Fat Mum Slim page food the word 'book'.YAHOO!(Sounds all a little weird to those who do not do this kinda thing, i know.)

Anyhows, the picture was of some books, that I had folded.An aerial shot...Yes,that's right- folded books. 

Why? Just because.Because if you fold the pages in them, in certain repeated patterns, you make something that can go from being a dusty smelly one-of-a zillion-in-an-op-shop book, to something special and handmade.Because paper is lovely to touch. Because it is medititve. Because I felt like it.
There must be links on youtube...or google...but I myself just started playing a few years ago, trial and error.
Some books work better than others.Some folds work better than others.It depends on the look you want for your book. You just have to play.

                                                                     three folded books 2013

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