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Monday, 19 May 2014

PAPER, DENIM, LOVEHEARTS...another #7 Vignettes

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another #7 Vignettes

And so May 1st came up. And another #7Vignettes challenge began.Lordy they seem to come around quickly!

I enjoyed last month's challenge words so much, that when I read the words for each day for May, I had a bit of a heavy heart. They were tricky. Damn tricky. I could not seem to find a common thread amongst them....


So scratching my head...I decided to fall back on one of my faves...the love heart, and put it into the word...somehow.

Unusually for me...I decided to only do 1 series. And one shot...for each word. This is so not my normal operating procedure! But edit edit edit, down to the bone...keep it very simple, and not go to crazy...was the plan.(LOL)

And so it began.
The background is a piece of scrapbooking paper...denim...the hearts all papers, hand coloured and cut. 

They were all done without too much pre-conceived thought...just kind of evolved as I tried out ideas.They were the fastest series I think I have ever popped out. 

True, I did not win...or even get any comments from this month's judge. But you know, I really do not mind. I really like them as a series, and some of the images I think still work as stand alone shots too.I did get lots of likes on Instagram...which is always a BUZZ. 
I think it is this BUZZ that makes me keep going back each month. Or maybe it is the masochist in me.

Because why would you make a complete mess of your house as you ignore the detritus on the floor, dishes in the sink, washing in the laundry... exacerbate this usual chaos by pulling out props, scissors, paper, tape, string, glue... ignore your family members for awhile, and then stress over how each picture will be received every time you post one,THEN torture yourself by looking at the amazing entries that make you simultaneously swoon and go green with envy...

I do not know. But odds are, I will do it all over again in JUNE, JULY...AUGUST....and so on..and on...and on.Yep,Sucker.  x

self explanatory really!

hidden love

is where the heart is

X marks the spot where the treasure is..which is of course, love

love flies free

love makes the sunshine brighter

love can come in all types of colours

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