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Sunday, 14 September 2014



Why pears? 

It's a funny thing. I actually chose a pear for my business, before it was really a business...because I wanted a shape,a logo,a symbol,that would be easily recognisable, yet would still be be open to lots of interpretations. Something fresh,something not too trendy and of the moment.Something easy to reproduce. 

I love hearts,but they have been done to death.I love apples...but Apple kinda has that one in the bag,and Woolies too. Pineapples are cool,but are so of the minute...and will date.Mangoes I hate, bananas I am allergic to,and are way too phallic.Cherries are cute...could have been a goer.But I live near Young...and cherries remind me of all the cherry festival stuff from there.And I hear all those 'lose your cherry' jokes in my head.Mushrooms would have been a contender,if I had thought of it.And it amuses me that I am highly allergic to them too.But...that one slipped by.

So...pears popped into my head. And I thought...pear rhymes with lots...(the teacher in me loves rhymes and alliterations) and is good for groovy adjectives too.

Initially I thought...big pear, juicy pear, nice pear, two pears, sweet pears, yummy pear, nice pear...until my hubby and I exhausted all the stupid and geeky,teenage-like,feeble minded,silly,ridiculous,mildly sexual,double meaning,sexual innuendo PAIR jokes we could think of.To add to the snigger factor,I do actually posses a not very small bust.Yep,indeedy do,I am actually quite a busty lass.Snigger, snigger...and also...I realised that in SEO we might get some unwanted hits, and a lot of very unsatisfied and disappointed people. 

So, back to rhyming. And rare pear it was.No brainer. 

Fast forward...a few months..and I realise. My mother, she absolutely hates pears. With a passion. 

Freud would have a field day! Oh dear.

Oh well, never mind. And since then...people have bought me pears, I have picked up several,(plastic, wood, metal, glass, rubber) and they pop up in my work as regular little things. Like these...

So take a bite,enjoy the view...of some rare (or NOT so rare) pears.x

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