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Friday, 31 October 2014

THE ENCHANTED FOREST... A collage for the The Collage Club

A collage for the The Collage Club 

What a fabulous theme this month,for our little group of creatives,THE COLLAGE CLUB  on Facebook.Chosen by the amazing Karen of LEAF AND PETAL,as soon as I read the words ENCHANTED FOREST,my heart did a little 'boom boom' and my imagination began to work overtime.Yep,all the cliches of bunnies, mushrooms and toadstools,faeries,elves, moose,elk,deer,owls,trees....boy was this going to be great fun.

Lucky for me, a sweet and lovely friend had just given me a whole box of old Frankie magazines,which I knew would have many cute and lovely forest themed pictures...foxes and squirrels galore. 

So down to my table I sat, magazines, scissors tape,glue,pen knife,pencils, paintbrushes...I am a very very messy creative. Can you tell? 

I try to be neat...but I get a bit frenetic and whirling dervish,single-minded and intent. Order turns into chaos, quite quickly.

I tend to overwork my collages, I know it...I just keep sticking till there is no more room. For this one I figured I would not fight it too much,I wanted lots to be going on. Lots of things for your eye to dance over.Then I painted in bits,added a bit of texture,filled in gaps. 

So in the end,it did not turn out like I expected,or hoped,and really I should have held back.(And why oh why did I put a dicky twee little rainbow in it?) But I had fun doing it...and surely, that's okay too?

So I am thinking I will do another,and have already started tearing out pages and assembling them for possible reassembling. This could go on all month.(Me no complain!)

LEAF AND PETAL is hosting the linky party this month for our bloggers who collage in the club...please pop over and have a her page, other collages she has done are fabulous... if you have the time and inclination, much recommended!And go to our FACEBOOK page, and have a look at the amazingly  different ways we have interpreted a theme...all of us busy little squirrels...gathering and storing our little bits and pieces.(And feel free to ask to join if it tickles your fancy) x

Okay, off to do some sticking, on this gloomy Saturday.(Oh goody!)More enchantment to come...

 The finished collage....The Enchanted Forest 1,  October 2014

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