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Sunday, 8 February 2015


A few weeks back, I unexpectedly found myself(she who lives in the country,and somewhat starved of retail therapy opportunities)standing in the rain at Chatswood Train and shopping Station,no children or husband to distract me or hurry me along.And right there, 
right in front of me, 
a crazy discount store, 
full of colourful bits of paper ephemera and crafty things. 
I may have squealed.

With the words of my hubby ringing in my ears(please do not go crazy with the credit card,we are in Sydney for another 4 days yet......)
I went in,purely to get out of the rain, of course.

Like a kid in a candy shop I was bedazzled by all the STUFF. But I was a good girl...I limited myself to 3 nice little bottles and a few packs of paper pom poms...only $2.50 for 3 in a packet.WOOHOOO!

So,back at home,they sat in a bag on the sideboard till school went back,and I had that precious thing called A BIT OF TIME.

Then,one day,'Carpe Diem'. I could wait no more. 

So I grabbed some string from my sewing basket,rummaged about for some scissors,took apart an embroidery hoop I had picked up at the local op-shop,took the outer ring of it, and got ready to go.

I tied 4 bits of string onto the hoop, and then tied them together to form the top hangy-bit. Lucky for me,I had a hook in the ceiling that I was then able to hang this from.I tied random bits of string to the hoop, about evenly spaced...knowing I had 15 balls to hang. It was about at this point that one of my cats,Fizzy,began to delight in catching and playing with the string hanging down.Too cute.

I worked out the approximate triangular placement of each set of coloured pom poms...realised that the heights needed to be staggered, 
cut and tied, 
cut and tied. 
And retied.
And bingo,
about 30 minutes later... I had finished the pom pom mobile.

One little project, ticked off my list of things to do.Just a little bit of whimsy and colour, it was going to go into one of the girls' bedrooms...but it seems to be making its way to the spare hook in my studio...

Which leaves me with another hoop still to make something with with.I wonder?

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