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Tuesday, 3 March 2015



Yes,I know I already did a post about snow gums.Yes,I know it was back in January.Yes I know I need to do some other themed bloggy things.But,sigh,those cool days and nights,those earthy textures and tones...are just floating around in my subconscious and conscious brain,still making me swoony,so I find myself still reflecting on how lovely it was.

So with that in mind,here are some of my fave photos of that week.The thing is,a whole lotta them are from just one place.An unexpected place.Yep.Not just scenery shots.

Because I really had to mention a place that I admit I thought was going to be a bit touristy, and not really my cup of tea(or schnapps).And I was completely wrong.Utterly wrong(it happens occasionally).Even as a non drinker,I loved it was the Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery, not far out of Thredbo,on the way to Jindabyne.

It was fabulous...the architecture, the sculpture park, the bits of whimsy dotted around. Then there was the food.YUMMO!I am told the grog is pretty good too. 

Now I do not usually recommend places, and I do not usually bang on about things you MUST DO.But oh my,the hubby loved it, the kids loved it,I loved it.It was unexpected, but just another reason to love going to the mountains.

Natural beauty,mountains,culture,food and fine drink,clean air, happy chappy,content and quite pleased to find another little reason to go back again...and again. I said before, here are a few snaps from that week... enjoy,with or without schnapps.

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