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Monday, 8 June 2015

A Dozen Flowers

from the train tracks

A Dozen Flowers 

Here are a dozen flowers,just for you.To make you smile,to make your eyes happy.To bring a bit of colour into your day(or night!).

Flowers are always in my home,on a sideboard or table,a ledge or a stool.

In vases,empty ordinary glasses, teapots,preserving jars ... anything that will look lovely or whimsical with a bunch of blooms.

Sometimes it can be one little sprig.Sometimes whole big bunches.Sometimes little posies.Sometimes dried and crunchy.Usually fresh and sweet,splashes of loveliness.

Occasionally I pay for these flowers.Often they are from my own garden.Then there is the roadside forage,the train track reaping,a visit to the CWA for some floral beauty fresh from someone else's local garden.And very occasionally,bought for me!

I gratefully accept all the little offerings my little girls bring me,gamely plucked from things growing over fences as they walk home from school(with minimum stalks often...), but with a quiet word to them about not picking flowers from peoples yards!

So now I offer these to you...a dozen flowers.I hope you like them...

 crabapple from my garden

weed from my garden 

gumnuts foraged from roadside tree

  poppy foraged from roadside verge

found on the footpath

 nasturtium found growing in bushland

  pomegranates from my garden

 cherry blossom from my garden

 foraged and dried 

 from a friend

crabapple from my garden

 echeverium, pride of Madeira, from my garden

 gift from a daughter

spring blossom from my garden

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